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Lite Demolition Removal Services

Junk Squad Removal has a highly talented team of demolition experts that are ready to tackle your next big project! Skip the hassle, headaches, and mess that demolition can create by using our #1 Rated Demolition Services today!

Demolition Services that we offer:

Fast Lite Demolition Removal

Junk Squad Removal is your one stop shop when it comes to your junk removal or demolition needs. We know how time consuming & labor intensive demolition can be for a DIY at home enthusiast. That is why we offer our demolition services to you! No more worrying about how you are going to get started on that next home project or wasting your weekend tearing apart your kitchen. Leave the demolition to our team of experts! Call today to inquiry about our Demolition Services.

Junk Squad Removal is a fully licensed and insured company that puts our customers needs first. No more stressing out about uninsured companies damaging your property or leaving you with a bigger than when they started. Our 5-star rating proves over and over again that our customer service is unmatched and leaves all of our customers with a smile on their face!

Residential Demolition Junk Removal

Take the hassle out of your home remolding project by letting us handle that tire some demolition work. Whether you are looking to have that outdated kitchen finally remolded or freshen up the look of that old bathroom the first steps begin with demolition. Our crews are experts when it comes to residential demolition. Each and everyone of our demolition projects is treated with care and professionalism. We promise to get the job done right the first time and leave your space better than when we began!

Commercial Demolition Junk Removal

Junk Squad Removals commercial demolition service is a business owners top rated service. Don’t waste valuable time removing cubicles or completing other demolition needs around your office when you could be focusing on your actual business! Let us handle all your commercial demolition needs from removing cubicles, built-in furniture, complete office gut-outs and much more! We promise to be a one stop shop for all of your businesses demolition needs. Quit delaying the process and give us a Call Today!

Deck & Gazebo Demolition Junk Removal

Tired of staring at that old dilapidated deck or gazebo in your backyard? Ready to freshen up the look for summer and get back to enjoying your yard? Then its time for you to give us a call at Junk Squad Removal! Our team specializes in removing all kinds of decks and gazebos. Our deck & gazebo removal is a customer favorite that saves you a lot of sweat and back pain! Give us a call today to inquiry our removing your old deck or gazebo!

Shed Removal & Demolition Junk removal

Did you just purchase a home where the old owners left there old and run down shed to now be your problem? Or just simply tired of looking at your broken down shed in the back yard? We know how much of a hassle it can be to try and tear down that old shed by yourself. Fortunately you have landed in the right spot! Our team finds no greater satisfaction than tearing that old shed down of yours and getting your space back to new. Give us a call today to learn about our shed removal & demolition service!

Hot Tub & Demolition Junk Removal

Nothing is better than relaxing in your hot tub with friends and enjoying the bubbles on your back! Unfortunately the time has come for you to replace that hot tub with a new one or get rid of the broken one in your back yard but for some reason your friends are no longer around! Thankfully for you when you give us a call about removing your hot tub we actually show up. That unusually heavy and awkward shaped jacuzzi is nearly impossible for you to remove by yourself or even fit out of that fence opening that was built after the fact! Our team specializes in hot tub removal & demolition. From cutting the jacuzzi into manageable pieces all the way to cleaning up we take care of the headache for you! Give us a call today to inquiry about removing your hot tub.

Fence Removal & Demolition Junk Removal

Finally getting around to replacing your rotten and falling down fence in your backyard, But not quite sure how to get rid of that old one? Fence removal is one our specialties and a customer 5-star rated service! We make getting rid of that old fence easy for you. The only thing you need to do is give us a call! Within no time our team will have that eyesore of a fence removed and loaded into our trucks no longer causing you a headache. Give us a call today to inquiry about our fence removal & demolition service!

Swing Set Removal & Demolition Junk Removal

What used to be popular among the neighborhood kids is now an eyesore in your backyard! It has come time for you to remove that old and run down swing set in your yard but you’re not quite sure where to start. Giving us a call at Junk Squad Removal would just about solve all of your problems! Swing Set removal & demolition is right up our alley. We promise to have that eyesore removed from your backyard in no time! Give us a call today about having your swing set removed!