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Junk Items We Take

Junk Squad Removal can handle anything you need us to haul away. Our only exception to this is hazardous materials and waste!
Just some of the junk we haul away:

Say Goodbye to Junk, and Hello to Space!

Are you tired of looking at the junk piled up in your personal space? Does it annoy you that anytime you try and walk through your garage you’re constantly bumping into useless junk you haven’t had the time to throw away? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It is estimated that every 1 in 50 persons hoards items in their homes! Fret no more, as Junk Squad Removal is here to help!

Furniture Removal & Disposal

Getting rid of old furniture can be a tedious task that is no fun for any homeowner. Furniture is heavy, bulky, and just downright hard to remove from your home. Thankfully when you hire Junk Squad Removal you get 2 strong helpers ready to remove any furniture you have!

Hiring Junk Squad Removal to remove your furniture is the right choice! Our team of professionals not only does all the heavy lifting, but we make it our priority to ensure your old furniture gets to the right spot once disposed of. You might be wondering to yourself where your old furniture is going to end up. At Junk Squad Removal we try and donate every piece of furniture that we come across. Many folks aren’t as fortunate as everyone, and your furniture might just put a smile on their face! However, if due to the circumstances we are not able to donate your furniture we make sure it is properly recycled to create less landfill waste!

Junk Clean out Services

Many times homeowners or business owners get in over their heads with junk that has been left behind for them to deal with. Whether you’re a realtor dealing with foreclosed homes or an investor whose property was left filled with junk. We are here to help in your times of assistance. Our Cleanout Services are unmatched compared to any of our competitors. We make sure to take any stress off of your shoulders during these difficult times.
The daunting task of cleaning out a property may seem endless to you. While for the average person or company, this is true. But at Junk Squad Removal this is our specialty. There is no job too big for us to handle. From foreclosed homes, and estate cleanouts, all the way to office building cleanouts we can truly do it all. Junk Squad Removal is your one-stop shop for any property cleanout services you will ever need!

Appliance Removal

Are old and non-functioning appliances taking up useful space in your garage? Appliances are one of those most commonly discarded items throughout the world each year. Whether getting rid of old kitchen appliances or finally getting your air conditioning unit replaced? Junk Squad Removal is here to make appliance removal a breeze!

Not only are appliances one of the most commonly discarded items around the world, but they are also one of the most improperly disposed of items. When you hire Junk Squad Removal to remove your appliances you can count on us to properly recycle your old appliances. Sure you could try and recycle your old appliances yourself, but think what a hassle that can become. First, you will spend hours on the phone trying to find the correct recycling plant to take your appliances. Then you have to load up and haul your old appliances by yourself as well! Save yourself the hassle and book Junk Squad Removal for all of your appliance removal needs!

Construction Debris Removal

Have you finally completed that DIY home remodel? Are you a general contractor with large amounts of construction debris left behind at a job site? Either way, Junk Squad Removal is here to serve you and make that mess of a construction project go away! We know how quickly construction debris can begin to pile up and make a huge mess you were just not expecting. Now you’re stuck with a large pile in your front yard and are not sure what to do!

Drywall, baseboard, flooring, you name it and well take it. The last thing you need to be worrying about is how you’re going to remove a huge pile of construction debris once your project is finished. Leave it to our professionals to show up and haul away all your construction debris without you ever lifting a finger. Construction debris can become an extreme hassle to haul away by yourself. Not only do you need something larger than your average household vehicle, but you also have to load and unload the mess once again after you already dragged it outside yourself! Leave it to our team and big red trucks to load and dispose of any construction debris you may have!

Trash Removal

Finally, getting around to spring cleaning around the house? Or a business owner with an overflowing dumpster piled up with trash? Sounds like it is time to hire a professional company like us to come and handle this messy situation for you! Do not waste your valuable time trying to haul away garbage on your own or driving your car through the nasty landfill grounds! Not only is it a hassle, but now your vehicle is filthy!
Leave all your trash removal needs to the professionals at Junk Squad Removal. It is literally in our job description to come to haul away your unwanted trash and junk! No one does it better than us here at Junk Squad, now while you can hire anyone with a truck to come to remove your trash. We can promise you, that you will not receive the same high standard and professional junk removal service that we provide to all of our customers!

Full Service Junk Removal

Junk Squad Removal – Your locally owned & operated professional junk removal company. Hire us today; watch our uniformed team members pull up in our big red trucks, and haul all your unwanted junk away for good!

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