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Professional Commercial Junk Removal Services

It’s inevitable, your business is going to create junk. No matter how big or small of a business you manage junk is going to pile up. At Junk Squad Removal we know what a hassle it can be to worry about getting rid of your junk while trying to manage your business. From cardboard boxes all the way to old office furniture we handle it all!

Do I Need Commercial Junk Removal?

Commercial junk removal is the right option for any business owner no matter the size of job to be taken care of. Maybe you’re remodeling the office and just want to get rid of a few old desks and chairs or maybe you have received a large delivery and are now stuck with an abundance of cardboard boxes that have taken over your warehouse. As a business owner you are going to have to make the decision of how you handle removing your junk. Are you going to waste valuable resources such as sending an employee to the dump or landfill to dispose of these items? Or are you going to call the professionals?

Do the smart thing as a business owner and call the professionals at Junk Squad Removal! 

We will take the weight off of your shoulders and you will no longer have to worry how you are going to get rid of all your Junk. Keep your mind and business clear of junk and focus on the real task at hand of managing your business!

Give us a call today for commercial Junk removal services!

Commercial Junk Removal Services
Broward County

Dumpster/Trash Compactor

Is your dumpster or trash compactor behind your business overflowing with garbage, trash, or cardboard boxes? The stench, flies, and other rodents that are going to be attracted to this mess is nothing you want your business to deal with! Our commercial dumpster/trash compactor service will take care of this disgusting mess for you in no time! We will come out and make sure your dumpster/trash compactor is emptied and adequately disposed of. We will also clean up the area around your dumpster/trash compactor! Call today to get your dumpster/trash compactor back in service for your business!

Cardboard Recycling

Is cardboard beginning to take over your warehouse after a huge shipment? Then our cardboard recycling service is for you. Cardboard can begin to stack up once all of your product has been unloaded and can be time-consuming to break down and try to dispose of yourself. Save yourself the frustration and give us a call today to remove your excess cardboard. Whether piled high in your warehouse or dumpster out back our team will break down all the boxes and clear your space of all junk!

Pallet Removal

Are those hard-to-get-rid-of pallets beginning to stack up behind your business? Our pallet removal service is a favorite among our small and large business owners. We know how difficult it can be to get rid of that huge pile of pallets. But do not worry Junk Squad Removal has you covered. Our team will haul away any unwanted pallets from your business and make sure they are properly disposed of! Give us a call today to inquire about our pallet removal service!

Construction Debris Removal

Are you a contractor or project manager? Then this service is for you! Our commercial construction debris pick-up service is a contractor favorite. We know how much you have on your hands when trying to manage a large construction project. Junk Squad Removal will lighten your burden by being your one-stop shop for all your construction debris removal. Call us today to schedule your construction debris removal!

Property Management Cleanout Junk Removal

Are you a property manager? Has one of your renters moved out and left you with their mess to deal with? Well fortunately for you, our property management cleanout service will take care of the mess for you! We specialize in cleaning out homes, apartments, and any type of rental property that has been left a disaster. Get your properties cleared out and back earning rental income with our property cleanouts! Call today for your free no hassle quote.

Foreclosure Cleanout Junk Removal

Are you a Realtor or Real-Estate Professional? It is inevitable that you are going to come across a foreclosed property littered with junk and unwanted items that need to be removed before you can list the property for sale. Our foreclosure cleanout service will help you accomplish this task of getting all the unwanted items that were left behind hauled away. Consider it one less item for you to have to worry about getting done when you choose us at Junk Squad Removal!

Storage Facility Cleanout Junk Removal

Do you own a storage facility business or just have too much junk in your storage unit? Either way, our storage facility cleanout service can benefit you. Whether as an owner you were left with a unit filled to the top with junk that needs to be removed or your personal storage unit needs to be cleared out before your big move across the county. You can count on Junk Squad Removal to show up and get the job done. Your storage unit will go from cluttered junk to free space in no time!

Commercial Equipment Junk Removal

Have you finally upgraded the offices printer or fax machine? Not sure what to do with the old one. Here is a solution for you, give Junk Squad Removal a call! We specialize in all types of commercial equipment removal. Heavy and bulky equipment can be a problem for many business owners to get rid of or haul away. We promise to make that problem disappear for you. Give us a call today to inquire about commercial equipment removal.

Office Furniture Removal Junk Removal

Do you have an office full of old or unwanted furniture that you need out of sight? Thankfully for you at Junk Squad Removal we offer office furniture removal. You can count on us to do all the heavy lifting and hauling of your old furniture. Whether you are getting rid of 1 desk or moving your entire location and need all your old office furniture disposed of we can handle the job! Give us a call today to inquire about your office furniture removal.

Illegal Dumping Junk Removal

Has your business, parking lot, or dumpster become a victim of illegal dumping? Now you have a huge pile of trash that is not even yours giving an unappealing look to your business and scaring customers away! Time is of the essence to get this pile of trash removed from your property before you lose a customer or worse get fined by the city or county! Junk Squad Removal will show up in a timely manner and get this junk hauled away from your sight! Give us a call today to schedule your illegal dumping trash removal service.