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Residential Junk Removal Services Broward County

Tons of useless junk laying around your house or apartment becoming an eyesore? Junk Squad’s residential junk removal service is perfect for you then. Let our team lessen the burden on you and remove any unwanted stuff or garbage. When you hire Junk Squad you can expect professionalism and top-notch customer service that our customers constantly rave about!
It is our duty here at Junk Squad to provide all homeowners and tenants alike with a junk removal service that they can count and depend on. That is why we offer upfront pricing and easy scheduling that no franchise competitor can match! We promise to get the job done fast and neatly, always leaving the space cleaner that when we first arrived!

We can haul away just about everything and anything you need: No Job Too Big or Too Small for us to handle at Junk Squad Removal!

Residential Property Clean-Outs

Are you a landlord, a Real estate agent, or just simply have way too much stuff? Our property clean-out service is perfect for you then. Junk Squad can handle it all from foreclosure clean-outs, eviction clean-outs, estate clean-outs, and much more. We know how stressful it can be when you’re left with garbage piled from floor to ceiling, which is why we are here to help. You can count on us to get your property cleaned out in no time and ready to be inhabited once again! Inquiry today about a FREE property cleanout quote.

Refrigerator and Freezer Disposal

Replacing your old, worn-down refrigerator and not sure what to do with the old one? Don’t look any further. Junk Squad Removal will come out and remove our old one! Not only will we remove and haul it away for you, but we will also make sure it gets recycled properly! Did you know the average refrigerator weighs upwards of 300 pounds? Save your back and call us today for your FREE refrigerator removal quote!

Furniture Removal

Expecting your new shiny furniture and not quite sure how to move your old furniture out of your house? Junk Squad Removal has the muscles and tools to get it done right. Save the headache of damaged walls and floors by trying to remove your old furniture by yourself and give us a call! Old furniture can’t just be left by the curb and most of the time has to be broken down in order to fit outside of your door! Thankfully at Junk Squad Removal, we have what it takes to get the job done! Call today for your FREE furniture removal quote!

Construction Debris

FINALLY! You just finished that DIY bathroom remodel and now you can’t stop smiling looking at what you’ve accomplished! Except for that huge pile of construction debris left behind in your front yard. Don’t stress over it, give us a call. Over at Junk Squad Removal, we take any type of construction debris from your home remodel or wherever it may come from. Wood, metal, concrete, tile, and much more. We make sure all construction material gets disposed of properly. Give us a call for your FREE quote on construction debris removal.

Hot Tub Removal

Nothing was better when that hot tub was brand new! Now your old hot tub is just sitting and taking up space. When it’s time to get rid of your old hot tub give Junk Squad Removal a call! Hot Tub removals can be extremely difficult for the average homeowner to dispose of themselves. Hot tubs are large, bulky, and weigh over 500 pounds! In order to remove a hot tub, it needs to be disassembled, disconnected, and broken down properly. This involves several tools in order to cut up and make the removal manageable. Fortunately, you called us over at Junk Squad Removal who are pros at removing hot tubs! Call today for your FREE hot tub removal quote.

Stove, Oven, and Microwave Disposal

SWEET! New stainless steel kitchen appliances. But not sure exactly what to do with the old ones. Junk Squad Removal will help you remove those old appliances and make sure of their proper disposal. We know getting rid of the old ones isn’t as fun as picking out the new ones. But we promise to take the headache out of your life with our appliance removal service. Just give us a call for your FREE appliance removal quote!

Swing Set Disposal

The kids and neighbors have finally outgrown that swing set. Now it has turned into a wood rotten mess in your backyard. Swing sets can be very time-consuming and labor-intensive to get rid of on your own. Thankfully Junk Squad Removal is here to help. We offer our swing set removal service to help ease your mind. We show up and being disassembling and demolishing your swing set in no time. Before you know it your backyard will be back to normal. Give us a call on 9542310393 today for your FREE swing set removal and demolition quote.

Unwanted Junk

Are boxes, old toys, exercise equipment, and other junk consuming your space? Whatever unwanted junk you have that needs to be hauled away Junk Squad Removal will be happy to help clear your space once again! You can count on us to help clear your clutter. Sometimes you just need that extra help to throw your junk away. Give us a call today for your FREE junk removal residential quote.

Yard Waste

You finally got your yard work done just in time for summer and now you’re left with a huge pile of yard clippings in front of your home. Not sure what to do with it? Simple, give us a call at Junk Squad Removal and we will be happy to come out and make it disappear for you. We handle it all from tree branches, gravel, dirt, rock, trimmings, and much more. Just give us a call for your FREE yard waste removal quote.

Junk Hauling Services

Just in need of someone to come out and help clear out your garage, shed, or another space being occupied by your unwanted junk? Not a problem for us a Junk Squad Removal. Our junk hauling service makes it easy and quick for you to clear out your space and take control of it once again. We can haul just about anything away that you need to be gone. Give us a call for your FREE junk hauling quote.